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Inside our courses, discover:

Character focused training to reveal your best self
Tools to eliminate fears and setbacks so you achieve true breakthrough and success
Proven techniques that increase sales and deliver real results. No fillers or fluff.
Various course options to fit any budget
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Why Choose The #1 Sales Training Platform?

Glad you asked! Our unique sales courses are created to catapult high-integrity sales professionals into successful, remote sales careers.

Our methods are designed to empower and prepare you to become the absolute best at sales.

With our training, you’ll find clarity about who you are and be inspired by how you sell… and customers will feel good about buying from you.

Choose The Best Course Option For You:

No matter the option, our training is intended to get you more engaged and connected to your career and life’s purpose. And that’s a win for everyone.

10 Time Travel Selling Tips


What’s included

We asked our founder to dig really deep to come up with a list. A list of 10 things that he believes if a sales pro were to implement they could IMMEDIATELY see an increase in their income and success…this is HIS list of “skip to the front of the line” sales tips, tricks, beliefs, and quotes to shortcut a 15 year learning curve. This is a .PDF and a video that explains exactly what these 10 principles are and how you can use them to jump 15 years in your career, and make more money TODAY.


The 5 Inexcusable Steps to Selling


What’s included

When we analyzed the most popular sales scripts used by the top sales teams in the online space, we found out that EVERY single script covered 5 steps. When these steps are missing, sales team performance drops. PERIOD. This is why this training is INEXCUSABLE. In this training we breakdown all 5 of these steps in an easy to implement format. This is the EXACT 5 steps our own teams have been trained on over the last 4 years to close 8 figures in sales.

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Getting Hired On Top Remote Sales Teams


What’s included

The TOP paid sales professionals in the world aren’t always better at selling, it helps, but the truth is they work for better teams, rub elbows with the right people, and find themselves selling the right offers. This document was created to serve YOU no matter where you are on your journey. After hiring and training more than 200 sales reps, this training is meant to show YOU how to show UP, as your best self so you can secure your spot closing on the highest paying teams out there.

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Sovereign Sales Professional - Level 1 Certification


What’s included

When we look at income statistics in the US and the world, we find a single digit %’s of people earning more than $100k per year. One reason for this difference is found in how these people are able to show up every day for themselves and their work. Inside of this program we will give you ABSOLUTE clarity between where you are now and where you are trying to get to. We will address your identity, your intention, your discipline, and your goals.


FU Money, The Most Underrated Method In Sales

What’s included

Driven by the need to close the next deal, sales pros put past conversations in the rear view mirror way too soon. In this course we show you how to outperform top talent, increase your commissions by more than triple, and earn your seat amongst legends. We will discuss the mindset behind following up, end of call strategies to ensure success in future touches, when to know without a doubt a follow up is or is not required, and scripts that increase follow up closing percentages by HUGE numbers!

Remote Sales Accelerator - Level 2 Certification

What’s included

A person cannot walk into a hospital, put on a pair of scrubs, stick a needle in someone’s arm and declare themselves a nurse or doctor. These roles that require years of study, passing scores, an internship before someone can become a nurse. We don’t have 2 or even 4 years to get you ready so we created this curriculum to allow our students to gain EVERYTHING necessary to accelerate into a high earning career in remote sales roles, in just 30 days.

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One of our early sales mentors taught us that sales was about two things, love and self respect. THE very same fundamentals of selling that have helped our teams sell over $10.33 million dollars in the last 4 years alone. No guesswork here, this is where it’s at. If you are new to sales, THIS is the no fluff stuff to make sure you are on your way to earning an income with the top 1% of sales professionals.

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If you don’t take this offer, you are seriously the dumbest person on Earth! If you can’t see a clear path to make your money back in the first 30 days we will give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked.

Meet Your Coaches

Cole Taylor

Business & Performance
Cole is a business and performance coach, and the founder of The Starting Line. From coaching business to playing Division one football as a wide receiver, Cole has always found his strength in pushing others to become the best versions of themselves. Whether in a stadium or on a stage you’ll find Cole’s devotion to the growth of his students to be magnetic and powerful. Inside of the RemoteRep training area, you’ll find Cole and his partner Aaron literally shaping our students to show up as their best selves in fitness, mindset, and sales performance.

Zack Blakeney

Mind and Soul
Zack Blakeney is a Peak Performance and Consciousness Coach who helps leaders and entrepreneurs liberate self-imposed limitations to maximize their potential and profits. His A.P.E.X. framework is an innovative blend of science-based methodology with consciousness axioms that rapidly shifts limiting perceptions, increases emotional intelligence and unlocks sustainable alignment with peak performance habits. Zack has created sustainable and tangible transformations with companies and executives that include Darden Restaurants, 1st Phorm, Securitas Security Services, and ShipStation.

Robert Posey

Ethical Sales

Founder and Chief Question Asker at RemoteRep.com, Robert attributes 100% of his success over the last 15 years to his perseverance, devotion, and consistent education in sales and selling. Countless dollars and hours of reading, watching, listening and implementation have allowed Robert to earn a place at the table with business giants across more than 12 industries. A long 15 years later, more than 17,000 sales conversations, 200 hires, and 52 successful sales team builds, his passion is now empowering other sales professionals to achieve freedom for themselves.

Aaron Nimmo

CEO and co-founder at The Starting Line, Aaron is a world-recognized online fitness coach and influencer. His incredible dedication to client success and performance is reflected by his success with more than 1 million followers on Instagram and his other social media channels. His unique talent and accountability program have helped 50,000 busy professionals and high-achievers over the last 10 years to attain their dream bodies and highest levels of performance both in the gym, at the office, and at home. His goal is to help redefine what a successful professional looks like by first addressing the man in the mirror.

Sovereign Sales Certification Level 3
The 4 Freedoms

12 Week Transformation


“As you might imagine, drive and talent are huge components of greatness — be it sports, music, or whatever — but it’s not that simple. Creativity and a desire to do things differently might be the biggest X factor.” – A quote from the SF Chronicles in regards to the 2018 documentary, In Search of Greatness. There is a common theme among our students, they all grew up with the desire for greatness. Some people achieve it, and some people don’t, but what do you think the difference is? You’re not tall enough, you’re ugly, you’re not as smart as other people, you were abused as a child, you’re broke and in debt…we all share these sad stories and limiting beliefs, and the moment you decide to stop letting these things get in your way, that is the moment you will achieve greatness. In our 4 Freedoms training we will work with you to reset your mind, establish a new foundation to build yourself back into the version of yourself that you desire so deeply. This is the hard work, this is where certainty and confidence comes from. The great ones know EXACTLY who they are and what they are marching towards. It all starts with your thoughts, beliefs, fears, hopes, dreams, your mind.


So you’ve overcome fear, guilt, or shame…you’ve broken free from the shackles of your ego and your time is NOW! You decide to commit to your purpose…oh wait, what is your purpose exactly? Why do you wake up every morning? Do you know? If you had money, freedom, the body you always wanted…what would you do with them?

We started with your mind because we can’t help people who don’t know they need help, but THIS part here? This is where we will work together to discover what you stand for, to create an unshakeable foundation where you will build your future.

There are 7 areas we will define during this training and when you finish you will carry yourself with SUPER HERO level resolve.


You can tell an enormous amount about a person by looking at them. Their body language, posture, the way they dress, the way they wear their hair, their weight,…Human nature lends itself toward prejudgement. In fact, a wager could be made that there is no person on Earth you judge more than yourself.

When you look in the mirror, how do you feel?

If your fitness or nutrition is off, you will NOT be able to perform at your highest level.

Eat the wrong things in the wrong amounts, and your energy levels will suffer. You’ll get fat or be too skinny and your confidence will suffer. Don’t stretch and you will lose mobility. Don’t exercise and you will lose strength.

Human nature is to follow the strongest members of a group. If you are to lead effectively, your confidence, posture, and health will be the first indications to your customer that you are worth following.

We believe that sales is the highest form of leadership and that to truly serve your customer, you must understand the discipline and self-respect necessary for large commitments. None, more important that the care of one’s body.


There are two commonly observed human values… Time and Energy. Money is a measurement of exchanged value. In order for you to achieve any significant result, you’ll need to exchange time or energy to get there.

Here’s an analogy for you.

Need to get to work? Walk. Want to get there faster? Buy a car. In one case we take more time and energy to get to work. In the other, we exchange money for saved time and energy. Want customers to buy from YOU instead of other people? Then show up with your Mind, Heart, and Body aligned. The certainty and confidence you carry with you will show and you will close more sales. PERIOD.

Our mission is to show you how to become a top paid exchanger of value. You’ll find companies and products that match your purpose, sell them with certainty, and get paid to provide REAL VALUE to other human beings.

Ninety-nine percent of sales training on planet earth is going to be similar. As long as human behavior remains, so too will the ways that people make decisions to buy. We are going to teach you sales, yes. That is NOT what this is about, though.

The 4 Freedoms training is here to show you how to join the TOP 1% highest paid sales professionals, while living out your purpose.


What Our Clients Say

In the time since we’ve hired Robert and his team of professionals… we’ve tripled our business in the last 90 days.
Nick Carpenter
In my first month with Robert, I did 15-16 grand. I feel extraordinarily blessed to be working with Robert and his team.
Nick Darling
In our first month we are about to hit 6 figures of sales from a dead start. All because Robert and his team are phenomenal at what they do.
John S.
Most great salesman can’t actually train people to sell, but Robert’s got a system, he’s figured it out.
Nick Alfano

It’s Simple. Take Our Courses. Feel GOOD About How You Sell. Customers Will Keep BUYING.

Our trainings are intended to get you more engaged and connected to your career and life’s purpose. And that’s a win for everyone.