Sovereign Sales Professional - The Person


When we look at income statistics in the US and the world, we find a single digit %’s of people earning more than $100k per year. One reason for this difference is found in how these people are able to show up every day for themselves and their work. Inside of this program we will give you ABSOLUTE clarity between where you are now and where you are trying to get to. We will address your identity, your intention, your discipline, and your goals.


Remote Sales Accelerator Certification - The Position

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A person cannot walk into a hospital, put on a pair of scrubs, stick a needle in someone’s arm and declare themselves a nurse or doctor. These roles that require years of study, passing scores, an internship before someone can become a nurse. We don’t have 2 or even 4 years to get you ready so we created this curriculum to allow our students to gain EVERYTHING necessary to accelerate into a high earning career in remote sales roles, in just 30 days.

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Getting Hired
- The Placement

Choosing a company, finding the right culture, what makes the offer right, the leads, and the commitment being asked of you. All of these will play a part in your financial success and your fulfillment. Identifying the companies, optimizing your online profiles, reaching hiring managers, and crushing the interviews…all of it is covered inside this course.

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