Profitable Prospecting on LinkedIn

The four step process to consistently generate leads on LinkedIn without spamming your prospects


FU Money, The Most Underrated Method In Sales – $205 (Coming Soon)

Driven by the need to close the next deal, sales pros put past conversations in the rear view mirror way too soon. In this course we show you how to outperform top talent, increase your commissions by more than triple, and earn your seat amongst legends. We will discuss the mindset behind following up, end of call strategies to ensure success in future touches, when to know without a doubt a follow up is or is not required, and scripts that increase follow up closing percentages by HUGE numbers!


So You Want To Make Real Money, Get Hired on the TOP Teams

The TOP paid sales professionals in the world aren’t always better at selling, it helps, but the truth is they work for better teams, rub elbows with the right people, and find themselves selling the right offers. This document was created to serve YOU no matter where you are on your journey. After hiring and training more than 200 sales reps, this training is meant to show YOU how to show UP, as your best self so you can secure your spot closing on the highest paying teams out there.


The 5 Inexcusable Steps to Selling

When we analyzed the most popular sales scripts used by the top sales teams in the online space, we found out that EVERY single script covered 5 steps. When these steps are missing, sales team performance drops. PERIOD. This is why this training is INEXCUSABLE. In this training we breakdown all 5 of these steps in an easy to implement format. This is the EXACT 5 steps our own teams have been trained on over the last 4 years to close 8 figures in sales.


10 Time Travel Selling Tips​

We asked our founder to dig really deep to come up with a list. A list of 10 things that he believes if a sales pro were to implement they could IMMEDIATELY see an increase in their income and success...this is HIS list of “skip to the front of the line” sales tips, tricks, beliefs, and quotes to shortcut a 15 year learning curve. This is a .PDF and a video that explains exactly what these 10 principles are and how you can use them to jump 15 years in your career, and make more money TODAY.

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Sovereign Sales Professional – The Person

One of our early sales mentors taught us that sales was about two things, love and self respect. In this course we are going to dive into THE very same fundamentals of selling that have helped our teams sell over $10.33 million dollars in the last 4 years alone. No guesswork here, this is where it’s at. If you are new to sales, THIS is the no fluff stuff to make sure you are on your way to earning an income with the top 1% of sales professionals.