We Place Guaranteed Remote Sales Pros Inside Your SaaS, Agency, Course, or Coaching Business!

…So you can save time and rest easy knowing your leads are in good hands.

We find, vett, and place guaranteed sales professionals inside your company only after they’ve proven they can be trusted…and to make things sweeter, we guarantee our reps or we’ll give you a new one.
Sales reps looking to sell from home?

Companies we’ve served

We build sales teams. PERIOD.

We have 3 core offers focused on getting you a significant ROI as fast as possible.
For almost a decade we have focused on finding TOP sales talent and building remote sales processes that are scalable.
Closer / Account Executive Placement
Setter / BDR / SDR Placement
Sales Team Consulting
The wrong sales team or process could be costing you time, money, and peace of mind.
The right sales team and process will change your whole life.

Are you in sales? Looking at making the switch to a remote sales career?

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How do we know these reps are going to be SUPERSTARS?

When hiring your sales team there is always a cost. Not just the time it takes to find your superstar, but every lead and every conversation is a potential for money to be made or lost.
This is why we put so much effort into finding TOP TALENT right from the start.


First we personally interview every single candidate.


Next we require our reps to review a sales curriculum.

Call Review

The rep will then listen to sales calls to learn our expectations.

Grade a Call

Candidates will show comprehension by grading sales calls using our call grading rubric. (Available for download, HERE.)


Lastly we send each rep through mock calls with our sales coaches where we grade them using the same rubric.

Perfect Fit Survey

Passing candidates are surveyed in order to build a matchmaker profile in order to identify perfect fit.
*These reps are graded for knowledge, experience, personality, character, and grit.
By the time we introduce your rep, all you have to do is decide if you like them enough to hire them.

Are you a sales pro looking to learn more about remote sales roles?

Our training platform will introduce you to the best sales training for remote selling. Gain instant access to our core curriculum PLUS sales call recordings, scripts, motivation, and sales opportunities through our monthly newsletter.
Time Travel Selling
Guide to Getting Hired
5 Inexcusable Steps

A Letter From Our Founder

“You’ll never go anywhere in this life with that attitude!”
I never really noticed that the adults around me didn’t believe in me, though. Not until my older sister called me out in my early twenties. I was two years into my first sales career and she told me, “No one believes in you because you can’t focus on anything long enough to make a believer out of any of us.”

That cut me really deep, but it motivated me… shortly after that I realized the thing I was most passionate about wasn’t the money, marketing or all the shiny objects I was chasing as a young entrepreneur.

It was sales.
I started in sales because no one would accept me into a “BIG” boy career without a college degree, but I have stayed because I’ve realized I have a MASSIVE opportunity to change lives through amazing products and powerful conversations.

In 2017, I started building sales teams for other people. Because I realized I only had 8 to 10 hours per day that I was able to effectively hold space for my leads, I knew I had to hire more people if I wanted to change more lives, faster.

Here we are almost 6 years later, with the same cavalier attitude my 7th grade math teacher hated. We’ve built more than 100 sales teams, taken more than 25,000 sales calls cumulatively, and our remote sales pro’s have sold millions of products and services for our clients, and no plans to stop there.

We are here in 2022 to do it even bigger!

The mission?

To empower and equip sales professionals to achieve freedom through high paying, remote sales careers!

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Still not sure if you’re ready to use RemoteRep.com?

Listen, if you know you need to hire someone, but you’re nervous about the process. You have options!
Your first and best option to hire salespeople quickly is to schedule a call with us now. We promise the first call is simply to learn about each other and whether or not we are a fit to help you.

The second option, if you want to submit your position to our database of reps and see who bites you’re welcome to do so. We have a job board in the works now, but it isn’t ready just yet. For now though, simply click the button below to post your listing, fill out the questions on the other side and we will share it with our best reps.


What People Are Saying

In the time since we’ve hired Robert and his team of professionals… we’ve tripled our business in the last 90 days.
Nick Carpenter
In my first month with Robert, I did 15-16 grand. I feel extraordinarily blessed to be working with Robert and his team.
Nick Darling
In our first month we are about to hit 6 figures of sales from a dead start. All because Robert and his team are phenomenal at what they do.
John S.
Most great salesman can’t actually train people to sell, but Robert’s got a system, he’s figured it out.
Nick Alfano
It’s been a phenomenal for my team. Our sales process is a lot smoother and the value that we present is way higher now.
Ammon Mckinlay
Robert opened our minds to see things in different ways. It was amazing. Thanks so much for lighting a fire under me.
Rebecca S.
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